Our massages takes an individualized approach to truly understand the needs of our clients. This ensures an experience that relaxes and transforms. With decades of experience, our professionals offer a wide range of affordable services to suit each need. Therapeutic massages hone in on problem areas or aid in rehabilitation. Aromatic or hot stone massage options indulge your senses as you take a journey to peace and wellness.

Group discounts available, up to 20%. Contact us for details.

45 Minute Massage, $65.00

60 Minute Massage, $80.00

75 Minute Massage, $95.00

90 Minute Massage, $110.00

Deep Tissue Massage, Add $10.00 to prices listed above
Designed for maximum therapeutic results, using moderate to deep pressure to treat specific muscle spasms, tension headaches & repetitive stress syndrome.

Therapeutic / Corrective Massage, Add $10.00 to prices listed above
Works out & corrects muscle problem areas which cause pain & discomfort due to injury, illness or daily stress. A firm, intense & concentrated massage.

Aromatic Massage, Add $10.00 to prices listed above
For a deeply relaxing & revitalizing experience.

Hot Stone Massage, $110.00
70 minute session.

Back & Neck Massage, $50.00
Pressed for time? Try our 30 minute rejuvenating back & neck massage for a quick pick-me-up.

Holistic Massage, $50.00
Integrates mind, body & spirit. Techniques used range from medium pressure to a light touch. Deeply relaxing enabling one to experience profound peace & healing awareness.

Basic Relaxation Massage, $50.00
A combination of movements including effleurage, kneading & friction. Reduces muscle tension & stress, & calms the nervous system providing mind / body balance.

Reflexology, $45.00
This 30 minute massage applies pressure to the feet to release blockages & reestablish the body's energy flow.

Prenatal Massage, $90.00
60 minute session.

AMMA is a comprehensive therapeutic Asian bodywork therapy. It is rooted in the ancient Chinese healing method, known as 'AnMo.' In Chinese, this translates to 'press & manipulate.'

AMMA therapy applies Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) principles for assessing & evaluating the state of each organ's Qi, which is the vital life force that flows throughout the body to nourish, protect, warm, regulate & harmonize the body's functions.

This experiential service involves acupressure & medium to deep tissue manipulation of each organ's meridian points (where Qi flows,) to disperse blockages related to stagnant Qi & blood, & to strengthen, regulate & harmonize the flow of Qi & blood.

Increase vitality, build immune strength, calm your body and stimulate you body's own healing potential with these wonderful services.

Initial AMMA Therapy & Consultation, $195.00
90 - 120 minute session.

Follow Up AMMA Therapy, $135.00
75-90 minute session.